Welcome to Updated Words.

We are a Team of independent linguists working together to meet your needs. In the modern world things are not restricted to just one country. Today's companies want to be known and have an easy communication with their clients abroad.

At Updated Words we understand that need and we work hard to meet those needs and be there for our customers. Apart from regular translation services, each member offers specialised services, so you might want to look into their professional profiles to find out more.

Updated Words says no to AO90

Our Team strongly opposes the Orthographic Agreement of the Portuguese Language 1990 (AO90). We do not work in accordance to this document.
For more information and to join us in the fight against AO90, click on the image below.

Iniciativa Legislativa de Cidadãos contra o Acordo Ortográfico. Leia, assine e divulgue!